Lost Relics: Skills guide (Crafting & Gathering)

This is a guide to the skills in the Blockchain Game Lost Relics. There are two types of skills: gathering and crafting. The gathering skills are mining, woodcutting, scavenging and fishing. The crafting skills are engineering, alchemy and cooking.


These skills can be found in the interface by clicking on the Skills tab and the Skills Book tab.

The Skills tab gives you a small overview of the level of each skill and the amount of experience you have and need to advance to the next level.

The Skills Book tab shows you a more in-depth overview of your crafting and gathering abilities. You will see your level and what you are able to gather and craft with your current level. For the crafting skills you will be able to see which resources you need to craft a certain item. For the gathering skills you will be able to see which tools you can use with your current level.

Your tool is equipped in the Action Slot next to your weapons and pet. At level 5 you will receive a Champion Reward that automatically switches to the required tool. So for instance if you have a Pickaxe equipped for mining and a Fishing Net in your inventory, when you go up to a Fishing Node the tool will automatically change to the Fishing Net.

Why are skills important?

Leveling your skills is important because you can gather and craft some very valuable items. Some of which are actually Blockchain Items, which means you can sell these for ENJ in the Royal Emporium (the in-game marketplace) or transfer them to your wallet and sell or trade them from there. Below is a list of all of the Blockchain Items that you can get with the gathering professions.

FishingBhrim Pearl36Epic
MiningGreen Rock Dye24Uncommon
ScavengingArdain Blue Blossom24Uncommon
ScavengingMellith Flower24Uncommon
ScavengingDragon’s Teeth40Legendary
WoodcuttingMoss Oak31Rare
WoodcuttingRiver Pine31Rare
WoodcuttingGold Oak40Legendary
Blockchain items from gathering

None of the items that are made by crafting are Blockchain Items, but some of the crafted items do require blockchain items as resources/materials.

The other reason you want to be using your skills is to give yourself and advantage in Adventures. Skills will give you food and potions to restore HP and mana, but they can also give you certain buffs. For example increased running speed. There are also some benign effects in adventures like poison, which you can cure with certain potions. Another example is the ability to craft explosives with Engineering, which will help you take down boulders that block certain rooms with chests inside. Without these explosives you have to attack these boulders with your weapons, which takes a long time.

Engineering is used for creating tools, explosives, bowls required for cooking, lightsources (torch and lantern) and one virtual Relic “Amulet of Protection”, which gives 5% dmg reduction.

Alchemy creates potions that restore HP, energy, reduce damage taken, give invisibility, increase movement speed 15%, cure and grant immunity to poison and fire effects, increase melee damage 25%, resist benign, and increase evasiveness.

Cooking creates food that restores health and energy over time. Some items have the added bonus of increasing damage output. “Dracoberry Jawbreaker” is the only item that does not restore health and energy and boosts 20% damage and 100% accuracy for 30 seconds.


None of the items that are made by crafting are Blockchain Items, so neither are the tools (as they are made with Engineering). The tools range in quality from common to legendary.

Tools are crafted with the Engineering skill. This means you will need mining resources to craft tools. If you want to mine the resources to craft a pickaxe though, you will need a pickaxe to do so. Weird, right? This means the only option you will have as a new player is to buy your first pickaxe (or the resources to craft it) from the Royal Emporium (the in-game marketplace). A new player will be running Forgotten Chambers, which only requires a Pickaxe. So get a pickaxe as soon as possible!

Below is a list of all the tools that are currently available in-game.

SkillToolLevel requirementQuality
MiningCrude Pickaxe1Common
FishingCrude Fishing Net1Common
ScavengingWrunehide Gloves1Common
WoodcuttingBattered Hatchet1Common
MiningDurable Steel Pickaxe10Uncommon
FishingPrimitive Casting Rod10Uncommon
ScavengingMetallic Pruning Scissors10Uncommon
WoodcuttingPolished Axe10Uncommon
MiningBrunite Pickaxe25Rare
FishingBamboo Flying Rod25Rare
ScavengingDivine Gloves25Rare
WoodcuttingReinforced Steel Axe25Rare
MiningMystical Stonebreaker40Legendary
FishingRod of Fortune40Legendary
ScavengingEnchanted Pruning Scissors40Legendary
WoodcuttingDemonic Axe40Legendary

All tools are virtual (in-game) items, none of them are blockchain items.


Each dungeon will require specific tools. The Adventure Pass interface will tell you which resources are available within each dungeon, so you can plan ahead and bring the correct tool. For instance looking the Forgotten Chambers you will only see mining resources:

If you check Ashwoods however, you will see fish, fruits and wood which tells you you will need your tools for Woodcutting, Scavenging and Fishing.

Do take note of the “entry rarity restriction” aswell. If you go and buy a legendary woodcutting tool then you won’t be able to bring it to ashwoods. This means it makes sense to keep your lower quality tools in your stash if you wish to return to the lower difficulty adventures.

As a new player you will start by running Forgotten Chambers until you have your first uncommon item from the General Store. This means you will need to get a pickaxe as soon as possible, so you’re not missing out on the mining resources from this adventure. Once you want to start trying Ashwoods get your scavenging gloves, woodcutting hatchet and fishing net.


Find the Engineering Bench, Alchemy Table and Cooking Stove on your map (open by pressing M or Tab) and go there to craft the items you want to craft.

The resources required for crafting the items have to be in your inventory. So unlike the Royal Emporium where they have to be in your stash to be able to sell, in this case they need to be in your inventory.

This means you have limited space, because you only have a limited amount of inventory slots. If you want to do a lot of crafting this means you will move back and forth between your stash and the crafting location.

To make sure you don’t mess up and bring the wrong resources, use the Skills Book to plan ahead while you are at your stash and picking your resources.

The Well & The Mill

Something that was very mysterious to me when I first started this game was the ‘Well’ location on the map. If you click on the Well it will tell you that you need a Ceramic Jug to fill up with water. Once you have a Ceramic Jug (bought from the General Store) you can go back, but it will tell you the well is dry.

Apparently, there is only a limited amount of water each day. The reset happens at 0:00 Australian time.

Even though the well is dry it still appears on your map. This is not the case for the mill, which will appear right next to the alchemy table at the reset until it is depleted. The mill will give you Sack of Flour.

Combining the two (Ceramic Jug of Water + Sack of Flour) allows you to cook bread at the Stove. This does however does not seem to be worth the effort. Cooking bread gives you only a very low amount of cooking EXP, but it is quite a lot of effort (it takes a lot of time to move between the locations).


There’s a leaderboard on the website that shows the players with the highest skill. There is a ranking for character level and for each individual skill.
There are also some titles accompanied with getting certain achievements, like “Grand Master Woodcutter” that are related to skills.


These are some things I haven’t figured out yet. If you know the answer to any of these questions: please let me know in the comments!

  • Will a higher gathering skill level impact the drop rate for resources?
  • Does a higher quality tool impact the drop rate for resources?
  • Will a higher level in crafting impact the success rates for creating items?
  • Which titles are there that are related to skills and what are the requirements to get the titles?

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