Axie Infinity: Scholarship Programs

There is currently a large amount of people who are waiting to play the game, but who are not willing to invest their money (yet). The game requires you to have a team of at least 3 Axies. This means you will have to buy these three Axies before you can try the game out. This makes it incredibly difficult to get started, because without playing the game it can be difficult to know how to buy the right Axies.

To counter this issue with on-ramping new players the community members have started Scholarship Programs. These are players with a large amount of Axies to spare, who are willing to lend them out to new players to get them started. These new players share some of the SLP they earn whilst playing, which makes it a win-win for both.

So how does it work? Its actually pretty easy. The owner of the Axies creates a new account within his or her own wallet, with a team of Axies. They provide you the log-in information, and you are ready to play!

Note that there is no reason to share personal information or private keys! Once you’ve earned resources in-game, it is up to the owner of the Axies to take those resources out of the account.

There are two major risks involved with these programs:

  1. Risk for the scholar: The Axie Owner does not share the profits. This means they take ALL of the SLP instead of the amount/% that you agreed on. Go to vetted, trustworthy programs to counter this issue!
  2. Risk for the program: The person playing uses multiple accounts to play the game, which is a bannable offense (more than one account within 24 hours to be precise). This means the Axie Owners Axies could get banned, because the person lending the Axies is not only playing with that account/team.

Most programs have a reward split where anywhere between 60 – 70% of the SLP earned goes to the Scholar, which means 30 – 40% of the SLP earned goes to the Program. The SLP requirement is often around 500 SLP to 700 SLP per week.

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  3. James Robie Gillesania

    Im new here and i want to know more about axie infinity i want to learn and play the game

  4. Jay Paul Anunsawon

    I’ve been reading a lot about axie infinity and I’ve been looking for scholarship grants to get me started. Can you help me with that? thank you for your response.

    1. Twitch and Twitter are good places to look for a scholarship. You can go on Twitch into the Axie Infinity categorie and look for streamers that are giving away scholarship spots. Or on Twitter you can look with #axieinfinityscholarship or #axiescholarship.

  5. Hello,

    I like to start a scholarship-program, but I am afraid to loose the investment in my axies if they become banned because of multi-accounting of the scholar.
    What are the consequences of being banned?
    Becomes my axie worthless? Can I still breed with it? Can I as a person be banned and loose my assets, because of the behaviour of the scholar?

    Thanks, and best regards,


    1. Banned Axies cannot play the game and they also cannot be used for breeding. They essentially become worthless. You cannot be banned, just your Axies can be banned. Something I do to reduce risk is make sure I’ve used my Axies to breed before I give them to a scholar.

        1. Hi OpSinjoor, may I know your four-digit tag on discord? I was about to message you but the tag is required. Thank you.

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  8. What are some good screening questions to weed out potential ppl who may try and play multiple accounts?

    Is there a background check style form some ppl use?

    I see ppl saying they can play 8-12jrs a day. Which for me looks like a res flag, cause that’s clearly playing multiple accounts.

    Does anyone have advice on how to screen applicants?

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