Axie Infinity: Land Gameplay

Land Gameplay in Axie Infinity is yet to be released. This guide is an overview of everything we know about Land Gameplay. The following topics are covered:

  • What is Land?
  • Land types
  • Land Items
  • Resources
  • Gameplay
  • Lunacia SDK

What is Land?

The game Axie Infinity centers around the Axie Universe, which is called Lunacia. Lunacia is made up out of tokenized plots of Land, which can be purchased, rented out and developed by players. Lunacia is made up of a 301 x 301 grid of land plots.

Landholders can upgrade and customize their territory to host shops, Chimera summoning beacons, produce resources, house NPC’s and even act as access points for dungeons.

The above picture is an example of a plot of Land in Lunacia. Each Land Plot consists of 64 spaces on an 8 x 8 grid. The plot has two Axies on it and is hosting a variety of items. One of these items is showcased: the “Stone Lamp”. As you can see these items will boost your Axies. In this case increasing their EXP gain by 1%.

Initially, 3 Axies can be assigned to each plot of land. In the future, Land can be upgraded to hold more Axies by building certain structures. Landholders will have first rights to any resources that spawn on their land.

Land Types

Lunacia has 4 different types of Land: Savannah, Forest, Arctic and Mystic. During the initial Land sale in 2019 the following Land Plots were made available:

  • Savannah: 5349 Plots, (initially sold for .05 ETH each)
  • Forest: 5459 Plots (initially sold for 0.16 ETH each)
  • Arctic: 4171 Plots (initially sold for 0.45 ETH each)
  • Mystic – 2338 Plots (initially sold for 1 ETH each)

The first Axie Land sale was hosted on Jan. 21st in 2019. Players were given the opportunity to purchase plots of land. During this sale 1/4 of the total Land Plots were available. These Land Plots were all in the Northwestern quadrant of Lunacia. This means there are still three quadrants that remain, which will be up for sale at a later date.

Besides these “normal” types of Land Plots, there are a few “special” types of Land:

  • Genesis Land: When purchasing “normal” types of land plots there is a small chance the buyer will receive a Genesis Land Plot. Genesis Land directly borders Luna’s Landing. Rare bosses will spawn on Genesis Land and the owners will get a cut of all the resources that are collected on their Land. There is a total of 220 Genesis plots available, of which 75 were released during the initial sale.
  • Luna’s Landing: Luna’s Landing is the Land at the center of the map (shown in red on the picture above). Players who collected a full set of items before May 22nd, 2019 were given 1 Luna’s Landing Plot. These Land Plots will also host special world events.

Land Items

Land Plots were offered in chests during the initial sale. Each chest had 1 Land Plot, including various Land Items. There are currently 199 types of Land Items in total.

Land Items can be placed on a Land Plot to enhance your Axies abilities. Each item has its own rarity (common, rare, epic, mystic) and type (Savannah, Forest, Arctic, Mystic).

The picture above shows a “Bird Plushie”. The rarity of this item is Mystic and the type is also Mystic. The effect is as follows: Increases item drop rate from Chimera by 20%. Increase Bird Axie base stats by 20%..


An important aspect of gameplay is travel. It can take anywhere between a few days to a week to move from Luna’s Landing to the outskirts of the map. This is one of the reasons why Savannah and Forest plots are less valuable than Arctic and Mystic Plots: It will take longer to get there. Most events will be hosted in the center of the map, so it makes sense to want to be close to the center. There is also the fact that activities will cost your Axies energy, which will make them unable to teleport. This means they will have to travel back to their homeland by the shortest route, which is another reason to want to be close to important resource nodes.

The Gameplay in Lunacia revolves around three activities:

  • Fighting Chimera (bosses) in PvE Battles; either solo or in a group.
  • Customizing your Land: Adding structures, items, etc.
  • Farming resources

Chimera are hostile creatures that drop an assortment of resources, items and blueprints, which can be used to upgrade your Land and your Axies. Pink squares on the map are public resource nodes and Chimera spawn locations. These plots will also host dungeons and world events.

Structures will have a variety of functionalities such as crafting rare ingredients (think blacksmith), housing Axies (inn), fishing, resource production, and more as Lunacia evolves. Players can find blueprints for structures all across Lunacia when defeating Chimeras. To build a structure you will need to spend time and resources. Bigger structures will take longer to build and cost more resources.

Resources can be collected doing activities like: chopping wood, mining at a quarry and visiting farms. Some resources will only be available while one of Lunacia’s 7 moons are shining, so timing your gathering will be important. This may have an effect on rarity as well.

All resources earned from adventures will be respresented as ERC 20 tokens.

Lunacia SDK

The Lunacia SDK will initially be a map editor where players can use Axie Infinity art assets to create games and other experiences. Once a game has been created it is saved as a Non-Fungible Token and can be traded. These NFTs can be placed on land and players will be able to click on them to enter the game inside.

Through this process, the team aims to gradually decentralize the game creation aspect of the Axie universe.

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