Axie Infinity: How to get started

This is a tutorial on how to get started with the blockchain game Axie Infinity. Learn how to set up your account and get your first team of Axies. Once you’re all set up jump into battles (PvP or PvE), breeding or land gameplay.

This guide will cover the following steps:

  1. Setting up a Ronin wallet
  2. Creating an account
  3. Buying a team
  4. Start playing!

1. Setting up a Ronin wallet

Download the Ronin wallet for Google Chrome or Firefox.

Note that the Ronin wallet is compatible with a Trezor hardware wallet and that you can add multiple addresses under one account (seed phrase).

Ronin is a sidechain to the Ethereum network. You will have a 100 free transactions a day and the wallet is optimized for the game. The Ronin wallet shows the games tokens: WETH, AXS & SLP. The wallet also shows you your ERC-721 or NFT tokens for Axies, Land Plots & Land Items.

Creating an account

Once you’ve installed the Ronin wallet you can go to the Axie Marketplace and click ‘Login with Ronin Wallet‘.

You will get a signature request from your Ronin wallet. Choose ‘Sign’.

The next step is choosing your Account name.

Lastly, complete your account by setting up an e-mail and password.

This e-mail and password is what you will use to log into the game if you are on PC. If you want to log in on your mobile phone, then you can scan the QR code.

3. Buying a team

In order to play the game you will need a team, which consists of three Axies. You can buy your first team from the Axie Marketplace.

If you want more information on how to set up a team, check out my Class Guide and my post ‘What are Axies’ for more information. This will give you a good insight into what makes an Axie valuable, which completely depends on if you want to collect Axies as a store of value, use them for breeding, to play in Adventure mode, or to compete in the Arena / PvP tournaments.

Axies are sold on the marketplace for Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). This means you will need to have WETH in your Ronin wallet before you can buy your first team. To do this you can send WETH to the Ronin wallet by using the Ronin Bridge, or purchase assets directly to the Ronin wallet with the Ramp Network.

Don’t want to spend money to buy a team (yet)? Several community members have created Scholarship programs. If you join a scholarship program then you will get a free account, but you won’t have access to the wallets that are linked to that account. This means that you won’t be able to do any transactions, like claim SLP or breed your Axies. In exchange for lending out the team, the Scholarship program will take a share of your SLP earnings. They will claim the SLP you have earned in-game, take a share and send the rest to your own wallet address.

Check out my guide on Axie Scholarships here.

4. Start playing!

Now that you have set up your first team you can start playing the game!

Download the game from the Axie Infinity website by clicking ‘Play Now’. The app is called ‘Mavis Hub’.

You can log in with the e-mail address and password you set up earlier, or use the QR code if you’re playing on mobile.

Once you’re in the game first synchronize your Axies from your wallet. Go to ‘Axies’ on the bottom left of the screen, and click ‘Sync Axie’.

Go back to the main menu once your Axies are synchronized.

Select ‘teams’ from the menu on the bottom left and click ‘new team’. Enter a team name and select the Axies you want to use for this team.

Position your Axies wisely! Positioning is very important, because the Axies that is in front will be the first to get hit by the enemy team. Check out my combat guide for more information.

You can now jump straight into Adventures (PVE) or the Arena (PVP).

If you win an Adventure or Arena match you will be rewarded with Smooth Love Potions (SLP). You can sell these Smooth Love Potions on exchanges, or use them to breed new Axies.

You can claim SLP by logging into your account via the Axie Marketplace website, choosing ‘Claim Tokens’ and then ‘Claim SLP’.

Check out this guide on how to farm SLP efficiently and this guide to learn more about breeding.

Last but not least there is also Land Gameplay. This is where you enter the world of Lunacia to roam around with friends, collect resources, battle Chimera and much more! You can also buy your own plot of land, collect items (bought from the marketplaces), or use your resources to create buildings. Check out my guide on land gameplay right here.

9 thoughts on “Axie Infinity: How to get started”

  1. iftekhar alam sajjad

    i m new to axie.can i just start with buying 3 eggs or should i buy 3 axie??what will be wise decision in terms of money?

    1. Eggs might be cheaper, but you have to check the parents to see what body parts the Axie is going to have when you morph it to an adult. You can use a to calculate this, but there is always a chance of mutations! Mutations mean they might get a random body part that didnt come from either of the parents. Overall, its safer to buy an adult so you can be sure that you get the Axie you want.

  2. Will it affect the game if you’re not using chrome or firefox on the wallets? Say microsoft edge is where the wallet is stored. will if affect the gaming experience?

  3. Hey, I´m playing on Windows.
    I bought my Axies, synced them in the game and created my Team. Now when im going into “Adventures” it´s not showing my Team so that I can´t start gaming….what´s wrong there???

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